The right tone

The Acoustic Anvil: A Small Weight to Forge the Sea by Maskull Lasserre

The sky is almost the right tone of red. I can see brighter versions of it reflected on the glass towers across the creek, must be that Stadium.
The city is quiet. It is raining tonight. All pictures I took of the site look like a bad oil painting reproduction.
I need a new phone. That Corporate iPhone8 was so superior.
I need a new skin too.
The BCHRT guy emailed today, and all I could think of is Elton John’s song like a prayer, I am still standing yeah yeah yeah!
Like on the day you and I met. You stood heavy in your steel. I feel you.
I have a deep wound, it carries a vibration that crosses through me. Just like you.
I want to be big and large, and loud.
I want my thin skin to thin.
You hear too and so I do.
You are frozen on an inclined ground, like me, stable but not ideal.
Like this city, out of proportion.
Like this creek, man made but beautiful.
Like this history large and red.
The lights are dim and our voices too.
Like the forger everyday getting better at this.
Did you see the walkers on their phone? all these fit runners, they acknowledge you and me.
We don’t seem to threaten them.

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