The colour of paradise


Last night I rushed to the vigil at the Jamia mosque (oldest mosque in BC), in memory of the 50 people killed at Christchurch, as soon as I was informed of it. I gently pushed through the crowd outside, removed my shoes and climbed the stairs to hear what was being said. I stood behind the last line of chairs, in front of me a large family/group wearing beautiful Kippas. Further inside the room, all sorts of bodies, blond, white, black, asian…My eyes filled with tears.

When the Imam finished his prayer and the crowd inside the mosque started dissolving, I entered the room. I had not been in a mosque (other than as a tourist) for decades. People were greeting each other as they walked towards the exit and I was struck by a thought. Few hours ago this was the most dangerous act to perform in Christchurch and there I was.

These illustrations were developed after Christchurch’s shooting, where 50 innocent muslim people were killed in 2019. Green is the colour of islam, it refers to paradise. Green is also the colour New Zealand landscapes. These panels are dedicated to the 50 peaceful, harmless people whose lives were taken away at their most vulnerable and intimate time worshiping their god. May they rest in peace in heaven.

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