Long overdue acknowledgement

It’s been a while since we have been thinking of writing this letter to you. Somehow, we never looked back to these moments where things were hard and you stood up for us.

It took us some courage to break the silence and tell you we did not find the guts to speak up at the time. What you did for us and the ones who came after us was so significant.

We long thought you did not need our help, our support. You looked so strong and independent. We recall silly sentences like:
-She is so resourceful.
-Surely, she has a community.
-She is strong!
-Look, she bounced off the problem again.

We said these things out of laziness, perhaps fear to be seen as your allies. We were worried about the repercussions on our lives, our careers, our reputation…We were wrong. Our silence did not protect us. Chasing you away and withholding our support made it worse for you and us.

We want you to know, we saw and understood.
We want you to know, we think of you and miss you.
We want you to know, what you did really helped.

We regret having made you carry alone the weight of something we were all responsible for.

We wish you well!

The betrayers you carry with you

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