Excavation site

Excerpts from the book Living a Feminist Life
 by the incredible author and scholar Prof. Sara Ahmed
-Feminism is Documentation -Feminism is Repetition -Feminism is DIY -Feminism is Good company -Feminism is to be in the sensational world -Feminism is outrage -Feminism is to take up more space -Feminism is to be perceived as in the wrong -Feminism is understood as an ability for persuasion, instruction and command -Feminism is obstinate and of unyielding nature -Speaking of the wrong is heard as being in the wrong -We learn from what we are called, it is the feminist calling -Feminism is becoming audible -To begin a feminist life is to hear an accusation
-By exposing the problem you pose a problem -Becoming feminist is acquiring a voice -Feminism is risking violence because you saw something wrong. -Feminist writing is to write with opposition -Feminism is Turning a diagnosis into an action, a self description -She is serious, she is responsible, she knows things -To receive a charge is to be in charge -Diversity workers are hired to do the Diversity work -To speak your own language is to become disobedient -Feminism is to be out of tune -Willful suffering from too much will -Feminism is to be willing to get in the way -Feminism is to allow the past into the present -Feminism is disobedience

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