When I drafted the project proposal Alie|\\|ation, I had no idea how it would come to realization. All I wanted was to meet people and dance. I had no money for it and did not want anyone to be deterred for lack of funds.We found a free space to rehearse, people showed up regularly, contributed their ideas and lead different sessions.We came from different backgrounds, complete strangers (see first in door session) and in six weeks down the road we find so much joy in playing together. I am very grateful to Amie Chou, Yuta Oki, Samia Mai, Chloe Lin, 李雨潔, 蔡松均, Mandy Lannagon, Yi-Wei Yang for their commitment to the project, for leading sessions, contributing their ideas and sharing their practice.

Project proposal
This piece aims to create a “space-time” to co-research the many forms of refugee-hoods, migrations, displacements and the legal and medical engines put in place to regulate bodies and body movement. From people fleeing war zones to pandemic refugees, suspicious “global citizens” pull the strings tying Galilee’s planet, an isolated relativist entity, to Lovelock’s Gaia, a relational-emotional place (ref. Bruno Latour’s work).
Performers will use techniques from Contact Improvisation and other western improvisation methods. Musicians will improvise to dancers and dancers will improvise to musicians.

Site specificity
THAV was originally an illegal settlement by Chinese people fleeing the communist party and seeking refuge in Taiwan. In 2008, the city had a plan to destroy the settlement but a group of artivists (Activists-Artists) fought together with NTU urban planning scholars to restore it and make a hybrid village where original residents and visiting artists can live together.
The piece would take place in a house (see pictures below) originally built by refugees in Treasure Hill. The audience is invited to take refuge as we perform with the possibility of an evening where performing artists and the audience can mingle, have a common activity like read words, share ideas, give a presentation etc…everything is still open for now.

Question I am trying to research through this project
What does it do to simply be somewhere as me?
How to build a reputation when Alien? 
Where does the obsessive Documentation of movement take us?

Workshop series leading to the performance
We ran 7 workshop sessions leading the to performance. The idea is to co-develop the piece during that time using concepts of Contact Improv, group improvisation, Butoh, voice work and improvisation with and to musicians. During these workshops, we will research the topic “Alien and Alienation”, “body and body movement regulating” as well as the constraints we want to use for our improvised performance.
Techniques used are inspired by the works of Peter Bingham, Anne Cooper, Katie Duck, Ensemble Thinking, Contact Improvisation, Music improvisation and Butoh.

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