A Moroccan woman recently naturalized Canadian. I am working my way towards a bold practice starting from a genuine yearn for integrity and social justice. 
Formerly trained as a theoretical biologist, formally training in Fine Arts at Emily Carr University, I use my social location to give voice to silence and acknowledge the invisible.
My work strives to be Political. Accessible. Relatable. 
Important note: I am the maker/copyright owner of all things here if unspecified

2017-Now Certificate in Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art+Design, Vancouver, BC
2014-2017 Studied with artist painter Phyllis Greenwood, who trained me on drawing techniques, acrylic painting techniques, mixed media, process, book binding, printmaking and marble paper making, Vancouver, BC
2005-2009 PhD in Theoretical Biology, Goethe Universtitaet, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

EDAM Scholarship, Winter 2019, Vancouver, BC. Four months of Contact Improv dance study under Peter Bingham’s mentorship
Intensive in Narrative Therapy, Vancouver Narrative Therapy School, Vancouver, BC. Five day (40 hours) training on a social justice approach to therapeutic conversations.

Performances and group exhibitions
May 2020 Anti-Social, Virtual Art group exhibition at YACTAC
April 2020 #2 Bread, video performance presented at the Want to Dance Festival after all live performances were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Taipei, Taiwan
Feb-March 2020 If it’s not written it did not happen!, installation part of Future Altar a group collaboration part of Future Temple by Emiko Agatsuma, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan.
Nov 2019 Trading Places: un échange w/ °Fish Sung Sounds°, Improvisation performance with musicians Elizabeth Millar, Sam Shalabi, Lyle Hopkins, Victoria Gibson and dancer Sonja Janousek, WhatLab, Vancouver, BC.
July 2016 Private Annual Student Salon, curated by Phyllis Greenwood, Vancouver, BC.
July 2015 Private Annual Student Salon, curated by Phyllis Greenwood, Vancouver, BC.

I also studied dance with
Emiko Agatsuma, January-June 2020, Treasure Hill Artist Village and B2 Shinehouse theatre, Taipei, Taiwan. 50 hour Butoh dance workshop following Dairakudakan’s Maro Akaji method.
Andrew Harwood de Lobtniere, March 2019, EDAM, Vancouver, BC. Subtlety and Complexity in Practice and Performance, a five day workshop for advanced CI practitioners and performers.
Helen Walkley, EDAM, January 2019, Vancouver, BC. The Presence of Mind in Motion a four day Winter intensive.
Helen Walkely, 2016-2017, EDAM, Vancouver, BC. 1/ Introduction to Movement Patterning series: Yielding, A Lower body exploration, An upper body exploration. 2/ The Presence of Mind in Motion workshop series. 3/ Laban Movement Studies workshop series.
Anya Cloud, July 2017, Velocity, Seattle, WA. One week intensive part of the Seattle Festival for Dance Improvisation (SFDI).
Ray Chung and Katarina Eriksson, August 2016, Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, BC. Ten day workshop on Contact Improvisation.
Mark young, August 2015, Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, BC Twelve day workshop on Contact Improvisation fundamentals.

on shorter encounters with
Andrew Harwood, April 2018, EDAM Dance, Vancouver, BC. Seize the Decisive Moment workshop.
Alicia Grayson, August 2018, Post 750, Vancouver, BC. The Delight of Flying.
Katie Duck, 2-day workshop, September 2018, Vancouver
Dance, text and sound improvisation.
Julie Lebel, Ensemble thinking, The Dance Centre, January 2019, Vancouver. Intro classes (4x2h) to a system of collaborative group performance practices, with compositional exercises to refine the individual’s ability to perceive, initiate, and support collective action.

Olivia C. Davies, Home: Our way, April 2019 at The Dance Center, Vancouver, BC. A women’s circle that explores ideas of Home through the creative writing and moving body. Women delve into questions of refuge, transition, identity, cultural norms, blood memory and what it means to be at home in our lived experience.
Diana Thielen, Dancing Queer workshop, June 2019 at the Carreau du Temple, organized by L’Oeil et la Main, Paris, France.
Vilbjorg Broch, The Voice in Movement, OT301, June 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Brief introduction to voice work and how it can be approached technically. As well as how the voice is naturally integrated in space and movement. 
Lesly Telford and Barbara Adler, CRAFT Series-Catalysts: Dance & Text, May 2019, Vancouver, BC. Explored the collaborative possibilities between choreography and writing to catalyze, structure and provoke. 
MAMM-Music and Movement Mondays, since 2018, Vancouver, BC.
Live improvised dance, text and music sessions facilitated by Ben Brown following Katie Duck’s teachings.